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The Smugtown Beacon was established in October 2007 by Aaron E.  Wicks and Christopher J. Wilmot. Dissatisfied with uninspired media content,  Wicks and Wilmot have established the Beacon as an independent source of critical news analysis and insightful editorials. Our mission is simple: to provide an independent source of analysis and opinion to shine the light of truth on those who lead our community.

We are quickly becoming the most candid,  no-holds barred news insider for Upstate New York.

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The Smugtown Beacon has proven to have a more loyal readership than most other local news outlets, offering a less cluttered site, with our readers spending -- on average -- more time per visit than other local sites.   This means readers will spend more time noticing your advertisements.  Due to our intensive community website content, Smugtown readers are interested in the growth and prosperity of Rochester, N.Y., and are more willing to invest in area businesses. â€¨Bottom line: our readers are highly educated, loyal and community minded. Bottom line: our readers are highly educated, loyal and community minded.

The Smugtown Beacon has a consistent readership that is rapidly increasing! Join us as we grow!

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City News voted the Smugtown Beacon as the "Best Non-Partisan Media Site" in Greater Rochester in 2008.

Film reviewer Dana Papaleo of City News had this to say about the Smugtown Beacon:
 "The Smugtown Beacon offers cogent opinions and editorials about issues facing the Rochester area and beyond."

City News went on to say:
"Christopher J. Wilmot and Aaron E. Wicks both follow their learned consciences rather than any particular party line."

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