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Child Porn Site "Genesee Valley Girl Lover" Still Operating Above the Law
August 12, 2009  Rochester, NY -  A 'kiddie-porn' website called "Genesee Valley Girl Lover" (GVGL), and its anonymous author(s) claim they are distinctly different from 'pedophiles'.  GVGL claims that he / they,  is / are "pedosuxual".  The only problem is, two prominent dictionaries, The Merriam Webster Dictionary (copyright 2004), and Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language (copyright 1980) do not list the word "pedosexual" as an actual word.  However, both of the aforementioned standard bearers of the English language list the word(s) "pedophilia", and "pedophile", as possessing the following definitions:  "Pedophilia:  abnormal sexual desire in an adult for children; sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object".

I originally stumbled upon this piece of filth website when a friend Googled my name, and discovered that GVGL supported an article I wrote, which dealt with the irrational fear many American parents exhibit regarding 'stranger danger.'  Upon reading through GVGL, I realized that GVGL was nothing more than a pretense to solicit minor females for sex.  So, in my first article regarding GVGL many months ago, I rescinded GVGL's "congratulations", and I then called on local law enforcement, as well as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to commence investigations regarding the mere existence of GVGL's website, and any possible illegal activities in which its author(s) may be engaged.  Unfortunately, but not for me, but unfortunately for potential child and adolescent victims of physical and sexual abuse, neither the local law enforcement community nor the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children decided to truly investigate GVGL.

Visit GVGL's website, by all means.  If you'd rather not, the following are excerpts from the Genesee Valley Girl Lover site.  You may be amazed, and I trust, appalled:

*  GVGL differentiates "pedophilia" (illegal felony) with "pedosexual" (GVGL's own, made up word) by stating the following:  "A pedosexual is different from a pedophile in that a "pedosexual" is an adult with an attraction to children that is comparable to, or exceeds their attraction to adolescents or adults."

*  The GVGL states on their home page that the "GVGL is not a pedophile.  He's a "pedosexual", and is a girl lover.  Pedophile, pedosexual, and girl lover have distinct meanings...The GVGL is a human being.  He is an adult male, he lives somewhere in the Genesee Valley region in New York (State), and his main aesthetic, romantic, and sexual attraction is to girls from when they learn to walk, to the mid-point of Tanner Stage III Puberty.

* A website entitled "Estronaut:  A Forum for Women's Health" defines 'mid-point Tanner Stage III' puberty this way:  "Female puberty begins at about age 11, but can range from about ages 9-13...During (Tanner) Stage 3, breast buds become larger and pubic hair (growth) continues, but it is mostly in the 'center', and does not extend to the thighs or upward."

On May 10, 2009, at 2:59 a.m., a person either truly, or allegedly portraying them-self as a "14 year old girl", was troubled by what she read on the "Genesee Valley Girl Lover" website, and wrote the following:

"Hey, I'm a 14 year old girl  (a little too old for you?) and your website both scared me, and makes me think.  I like older guys, but I'd be scared of a relationship with a much older guy, like one who was above 20 (years of age), even if it was consensual, because I might be overwhelmed by him and also might be manipulated or regret it later.  I know all of your relationships are consensual, but really?  If a girl my age, 14, has an ambivalence, how can a girl (who has just learned to walk) understand what she (the toddler) is consenting to?  Kids that don't know anything about sex, (and are not able to consent)... don't understand any of the complexities of a relationship.  They (toddlers) don't know what a romance is , either.  I think it is pretty harmless for you to have relationships with girls like age(d) 11 and up, but younger than that and you are creepy, and I'd be scared of you."

If you do read the GVGL website, and their responses to additional questions from the alleged 14 year old girl, you will likely come away with the same feeling that we at the Smugtown Beacon concluded:  That the "Genesee Valley Girl Lover" is now engaged in the solicitation of minor females for the purpose of romantic and sexual contact ! 

The Smugtown Beacon, and chiefly this author will be passing-on this new information to law enforcement, once again, to observe whether or not these new and disturbing conversations with the alleged 14 year old girl constitute solicitation.  In addition, I will be contacting MSNBC and the show "To Catch a Predator" to see if the producers, and the show's host, Chris Hanson, have any interest in pursuing this matter.

And to all parents and concerned readers out there in the Greater Rochester area and beyond, please call your local law enforcement agencies (the Monroe County District Attorney's Office; The Mon. Co. Sheriff's Office; the New York State Police and the NY State Attorney General's Office; along with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children), and push these agencies to properly investigate websites like the "Genesee Valley Girl Lover", and other such websites.

Child pornography and solicitation may be more subtle than you think.  Join the cause to protect our children.

Christopher J. Wilmot served as a Legislator in the Monroe County Legislature from 1996-2005.  He is currently the owner of several small businesses.

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